Monday, June 15, 2009


2 words Huggable Hangers!!!  If you don't have these amazing little hangers, run out and get will thank me later!  The other day I got 3 boxes full of these little jewels from Michelle in the mail for an early birthday surprise.  Needless to say my evening was full of transforming my closet from old plastic hangers to my new beautiful pink Huggable Hangers! These hangers are special because they are covered in a soft velvety fabric that will keep your clothes from slipping.  They are also very compact, which helps double, even triple your closet spaces, what girl would not love that?  If that is not enough, they are also curved just so to prevent your clothes from being know, the dreaded "titty sholders."   They come in great colors and also kid size too(:  I have found them on several occasions on sale at Target for $2.50 for 5 hangers, regular price is about $5.00.  I know Michelle finds them on HSN, and they came 18 (assorted: 9 pant & 9 shirt) to a box.  I'm not sure on the price.  I am sure of this, you will never look at hangers the same way.  I said bye bye to my tacky plastic hangers!!!