Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bath Time With Burt

If you love a good bath, then this one is for you!  My Dad's wife, Michelle, turned me on to this fabulous product. I love most of Burt's Bees products, but this is one of my favorites.  These bath salts are just what they say they are - therapeutic. They're great for aches and pains or if you just need to relax. The only thing I can compare it to is taking a bath in Epsom Salt but with a clean, relaxing, and calming smell - a mixture of Rosemary & Lemon. (It smells very strong in the can but not in the bath.) 
I got this can at one of my favorite places, Target, but I am sure you can get it anywhere Burt's Bees products are sold. Oh, also make sure you have a paint can opener or a flat head screw driver to open the can.  It's hard to get in to but well worth it once you do.  Enjoy!!! XX-Ash

Lets Talk Hanky Panky

Get your minds out of the gutter! I am sure I am just preaching to the choir, but this post is all about the fabulous panties called Hanky Panky. My friend, Katina, gave me a pair about five years ago, and now that's all I will wear - yes, they are that good. Now, my girlfriends and I exchange these panties for birthdays, Christmas, etc. I remember my friend, Constance, sent me a small box full of Hanky Pankys one time, and you would have thought she sent me a diamond - Blade (my husband) saw my excitement and caught on very quickly...lol! I know that they look just like any old pair of lacy panties, but looks can be deceiving - they are very comfortable. You can get them in regular or thong, but you want them in a thong - trust me, you do. If you don't wear a thong, now is the time to start. Also, they come in low rise or original rise, and I have some of both. I think the secret to these panties is their fabric, the way they lay flat to your body, and how they look under clothes. I should also mention they are one size fits all...they have a ton of give so don't worry. They are on the pricy side - about $12.00 a pair, but you can find them on sale all the time...that's what I always do. You can get them at Nordstroms, Nordstroms Rack (on sale), Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus Last Call (on sale), Saks, Off Saks (on sale), and many many more - you get the idea. Also, depending on where you live, you can get them at certain boutiques. Don't be fooled by imitations - trust me - between me and all my girlfriends, we have tried them all, and there is just no comparison. I guess that is why they are more expensive...you get what you pay for. They last a long time if you are nice to them...I wash mine with my easy care wash, and I dry them for 10 or 15 minutes before I take them out and let them finish air drying (Constance - no lip from you sister). I know very few people who do not love them. If you don't have a pair, run out and get one!!! Check out the site, www.hankypanky.com, and feel free to give feedback. XX-Ash