Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get Shellacked

I'm so excited tell you ladies about this fabulous product called Shellac by CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.)! Shellac is the first hybrid nail color...it goes on like polish but wears like gel. I had my nails Shellaced, and I am loving it! I have weak, brittle nails and have always worn acrylics which has made my natural nails even worse. Shellac on the other hand does not damage your natural nails...it protects and strengthens them. Another great thing about Shellac is that it wears so well - no chips, no dulling. It's thin and looks very natural. The Shellac can last 2 to 3 weeks and will cost you around $35.00. There is NO drying time, NO strong odors, and NO drills. If that's not awesome enough, you can also have your toe nails Shellacked. Welcome to the future for natural nails.
A BIG shout out to Angela at the Spotted Leopard in Midland, Texas who does a flawless Shellacing;)