Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prime Time

Do I have a wonderful product for you!!! I have been using Smashbox Photo Finish, Foundation Primer, for a few years now, and it is an amazing product. This primer makes your makeup go on so smooth and look flawless.

On the Smashbox site, www.smashbox.com, they say it like this:
Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with this silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. Worn alone or under foundation to increase its longevity, our best-selling primer helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish. In a new square airless pump for freshness to the last drop.

Sephora's site, www.sephora.com said it like this:
Photo Finish Foundation Primer, What it is:
Smashbox makeup artists use this product to create a perfect canvas for foundation application.
What it is formulated to do:
The silky blend of vitamins and antioxidants smoothes and perfects skin, while the unique formula helps to inhibit the destruction of collagen, and fills in fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.
What else you need to know:
Use after moisturizer and before foundation for complexion perfection. This skin-soothing blend of antioxidants, which can be worn alone or under foundation, works overtime to fill in fine lines and even out skin texture.

It is a little pricey, so I recommend getting the travel size which is 0.5 oz. and runs $16 to $17.00 Then when you fall in love with this product, you can go for the 1 oz. bottle, and it runs $36 to $42.00. It also comes in different shades that have different benefits, so you can find the one most custom to your needs. Smashbox is one of my favorite cosmetic lines, they really have so many fabulous products, and I am shocked I have not covered any of them till now!!! For more back story and all things Smashbox check out www.smashbox.com


Holy Crap!

Ladies, have you heard of this wonderful product called Poo-Pourri? Well if not, let me be the first to fill you in. First, let me say that this is not a subject that I like to talk about and if you know me, you are probably shocked at this post - LOL!!! Poo-Pourri is a liquid that you spray in the potty BEFORE you go #2, and it hides the oder so you can walk away from the bathroom with no shame:) P00-Pourri says it like this: "Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know"...kind of cute hu? It is not a room freshener and does not have a strong scent. I don't pretend to know how it work, but I just know that it does. My girlfriend Julie told me about this fabulous stuff and takes hers everywhere she goes. Julie even took it on a girls trip we had together, and she made sure to tell us,"please be discreet and use the Poo-Pourri if you are going to go the dreaded #2." Thanks Julie!!! I found my little bottle of Poo-Pourri at a boutique in Colleyville, Texas called the Pink Hanger. It's only 2 fl.oz., and the cost was $9.95 and worth every penny!!! I know you can find this stuff in many places, but if you can't find it at a store or boutique near you check out, www.poopourri.com or call this Dallas number (972)818-8200. I love this stuff so much that I am thinking of getting one for all my bathrooms and one to travel with...YEP, I like it that much:) Now, if we could only make every man carry a bottle of Poo-Pourri with him at all times, the world would be a fresher place!
Here's to being discreet!!!