Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lash Masquerade

When I go to the Drug store, I am always on the hunt for a new and fabulous mascara, and it seems that all you ladies are too. I have always been a fan of most Mabelline Mascaras and Great Lash (Very Black) with the curved brush is at the top of that list, and I recommend it to anyone. The only problem I have with Great Lash is at the end of the day it is hard to get it all off.

TIP: if you have problems getting your mascara off after you have washed your face, put a little face lotion on a Q-Tip and rub it back and forth under your eyes right up into your lash line. It is great for getting every last bit of mascara off your eyes.

Another mascara that I am a HUGE fan of right now is Loreal, Bare Naturale (pictured above). I got my mom and a few friends hooked on this wonderful little mascara, and they all have had great results! First off, it is good for sensitive eyes or people with allergies. I like to call it my everyday mascara because it goes on thick but feels light and makes your lashes look long and thick. Also, it’s easy to remove at the end of the day and even better than that it’s cheep and you can get it all over the place. Those were my low end finds, but if you like to get your mascara at a department store, my two favorites are Lancome, Definicls and Chanel, Inimitable Multi-Dimensionnel

(Amy W., that one is all your fault, thanks a lot!) Both of these mascaras go on smooth, with no clumps, and make your lashes look long and perfectly separated.

I took a very informal survey via Facebook and e-mail of what mascaras you ladies love and why, and here are your results:

Christian Dior, Diorshow. It is the best for making my lashes so full and plump!

Lancome, Definicils..I love it. It goes on thin, not clumpy.

Loreal, HIP. It is like Lancome Definicils but half the price!

Loreal, Original Voluminous mascara in blackest black. No clumps and a couple of swipes makes my lashes pop. They look full and long. Easy wash off and best of all, no department store price.

Loreal, Original Voluminous Waterproof. For those of you who have oily skin and have problems with “raccoon eyes” or flaking, this one is for you.

Mabelline, Great Lash because it's cheap and magazines always say it is the best, but I haven't found one that I really love.

Maybelline, Lash Blast, very black!!!

Bourjois, Volume Glamour Mascara.....The BEST! :)

Covergirl, Color Blast Hydrofuge

Clinique, High Impact mascara. No clumping, goes on thick the first coat, and doesn't smudge. It's great!

Almay mascara, for those who are allergic to most other mascaras.

I was so surprised to see that everyone has a different favorite. I was sure it would come down to a few that everyone liked...boy was I wrong, lol!!! Thanks to all you ladies who gave me your input, and I look forward to trying every one of your favorites:) If you did not get a chance to put your two cents in, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Here are a few mascara basics:

1. Wiggle the mascara wand when applying to separate and get a clean even coat - it also prevents clumps. Hints why they are doing the vibrating wands now.

2. If you like a bit more drama and are a 2 coat kind of gal, make sure you put that second coat on before the first one dries because this prevents that dreaded spider eye look or the Tammy Faye Baker look, YUCK!

3. If you don’t want a second coat but do like a bit more drama, BLINK the tips of your lashes onto the wand a few times, but do it before the first coat dries.

4. Last and most important, don’t hang on to your beloved mascara for more than a few months. Mascara can harbor bacteria, causing major problems for your eyes and delicate skin around your eyes.