Thursday, June 24, 2010


Thanks to my dear friend McCalle who sent me this wonderful product because I am now passing it on to you girls. I'm talking about the Intensive All-Over Gel Booties by Earth Therapeutics. These amazing little booties are lined with gel that locks in moisture to condition and make your feet look great. The booties are infused with Aloe, Tea Tree, Jojoba, Olive Oil, & Vitamin E. Most of the time I use my booties as a quick fix before I have to go out when I know my feet need a little help. One hour in these booties while you get ready, and you will be amazed at the difference. I will warn you though that walking around in them is an feels a little silly and slimy. If you can't handle walking around in them, you might try using them at bedtime, with or without a little foot cream...depending on how much help your feet need. You can find these booties at Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl's,, or at for $15.00 to $25.00.
Your feet will thank you!

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